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Lock Fitting Service Croydon

Lock Fitting Service Croydon

DWLG – 24 hour Emergency Lock Fitting Service Croydon

PROBLEM: Our client in London had a problem with a Window.

TYPE: A Casement Window Located at the Rear of a property in Croydon.

DWLG – Professional Locksmith Service Croydon

METHOD: Seeing that the Window was constructed of Aluminium, DWLG thought it best to send a professional Specialist Commercial/Locksmith.

CAUSE: The cause of the problem was quickly discovered upon arrival, the Window Lock. In this particular case, the Lock had Seized/jammed.

DWLG – Replacment Window Lock in Croydon

SOLUTION: The damage to the Window Lock was not repairable, so was Replaced. DWLG fitted a Oval Cylinder Lock.

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